7 Styling Essentials For Summer Storms

Posted: Jul 02 2016

Well, for those of you who live in the UK where we are based, our summer has been a bit of a washout so far... It's a miracle anyone survived Glastonbury last week! So while we would love to be skipping around in cotton sundresses and leather sandals, our approach to "summer style" is going to have to get a little more creative since the weather is going from marvelous to monsoon within a matter of minutes. These days we have to be prepared for anything!

So here are my 7 must-have items for looking wonderful whatever the weather:


There's nothing like a favourite umbrella to turn depressing drizzle into your moment to shine! If the bad weather is getting you down, I highly recommend splurging on a fancy new brolly that you can look forward to using, or go for something novelty that will cheer you (and others) up!


Maybe I'm pointing out the obvious here, but when the weather is doing crazy shit, wellies can be your best friend, I'm sure those who did brave Glasto last week were bloody grateful for theirs! I love a classic wellington boot in hunter green, and there are so many variations on the wellie too. But the joy of plastic shoes doesn't stop with the wellington, I love to wear jelly sandals during summer rain too, my favourites are from Sun Jellies. Patent shoes are also great for keeping less torrential rain out. Whatever you do, don't wear converse, and don't ruin any suede!


I love a long wide-leg trouser but with the threat of rain at every turn they are a total no-go, I cannot run the risk of the dreaded soggy end gradually spreading it's way up to my knees like blotting paper! No, I like to stick to cropped and slim-cut pants like the Tara Starlet capris or Cigarette Trousers. Pair with patent shoes for wipe-clean chic!
(photo Jazzabelle's Diary) 


Mini skirts are great for wet summers because if you get wet all you need to is wipe your bare legs down once you're out of the storm and you'll soon warm up. Much better than having damp and sodden jeans on that make you cold or clammy for the rest of the day!
This pic of Pip and I at London Fashion Week in September was featured on
the Marie Claire blog this week as an example of rainy-day chic! The Tara Starlet pieces we are wearing are both in the Sale now and going SUPER cheap. The Gingham Wool Mini Skirt is only £14 and the Bow Blouse is just £9!



We all remember that episode of Friends when they're in Barbados and the humidity turns Monica's hair into a frizz ball, well that's what happens to me when that annoying drizzle starts to spray. I'm no Diana Ross so I just can't get away with it, I can't even rock the Grace Coddington ginger-fro look, wish I could but I just end up looking like Hagrid! So a silk scarf is always a saviour for such occasions, especially when its too windy or you don't have enough space in your bag for an umbrella. 
My favourite silk scarfs are from Cleo Ferin Mercury.


So as well as monsoon-like storms and endless summer showers, we've also been having crazy winds, and wind is not an umbrella's friend! If you have invested in a fancy brolly, or managed to track down the best novelty, you do not want it getting reduced to a skeleton and being abandoned upside-down in a bin somewhere. So, it is always a good idea to have a cute rain mac. They pack up small, and are lightweight so you can wear something summery underneath and not over heat in the humidity.


Because no one wants to arrive at work looking like they've had a nervy-B on the way in, only Beyonce can pull off that look!
My favourite waterproof mascara at the moment is Lancome's Hypnose Doll in waterproof, it will stay on through anything! And no need to invest in the expensive remover, I just use a home-made mix of almond oil and rose water.
So those are my 7 styling essentials for staying fresh during summer storms, what are yours?
Much love, Tara x

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