Get The Marilyn Monroe Look!

Posted: Jan 24 2016

We all adore Marilyn, a beautiful soul with stunning charisma. It's easy to remember her as a glamour-puss and we all know those iconic beautiful images of her in gold lame, pink satin, and of course that white dress! But it wasn't all about the plunging necklines, opera gloves and dripping with diamonds! Marilyn was also the queen of casual style, her bouncy blonde curls and rouge lips were her trademark and could make any look fit for an A-list beauty icon. Her signature piece for off-duty chic was a pair of check capris...

Check capris and a cropped turtle neck just oozes the kind of relaxed style that Ms Monroe was so fabulous for. Pair with big bouncy curls, a slick of lip stain and understated jewellery. I love these Tiny Ruby Studs from Laura Lee Jewellery.


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Marilyn was also a massive fan of a Classic White Shirt, which makes her beautiful and animated face stand out with no distractions. Master the Monroe beauty tricks and let your wonderful face do the talking with a classic white shirt, a la Marilyn.



The Jo Shirt (left) and The Tie Front Shirt (right) come in black, or polkadots and colours. They are such great staple pieces.


 Here's a snap of Michelle Williams who starred as Ms Monroe in the film My Week With Marilyn, reading in check capris, shot by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue. The stylist obviously did their research! 

And there's me in my Tartan Capris having a read during a recent break! 



 So next time you're getting dressed, ask yourself "what would Marilyn wear" and throw on a pair of capris with a staple shirt and take on the day like a super-star!

 xx Tara


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