The making of SS15 Amore Mexicana, a collaboration with Poppy's Papercuts

Posted: Apr 22 2015

This summer marks 10 years since Tara Starlet was founded by my late mum Jo, so I wanted to do something amazing to mark the milestone and honour my inspirational mother.

I decided to collaborate with my talented artist half-sister (who has a different and equally amazing mum) to make a collection that is inspired by family love and Mumma Jo's obsession with all things Mexican! As a family we have always admired the traditional folk art of Mexico as well as the food and culture. Mumma Jo took me to visit Mexico as a child and we brought back suitcases of ornaments, artwork and frames to adorn our home which was soon painted in the bright colours of Mexico's streets. When mum died, I threw a Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) funeral/fiesta in her honour on the 1st of November 2011, and I spent the 1 year anniversary in Mexico for the real thing. So as you can see it is a very meaningful aesthetic for me and my family.

My sister Poppy is an incredibly talented artist who specialises in paper cutting. She takes a lot of inspiration from the Mexican 'papel picado' paper-cut flags and creates beautiful sexy works of art that are so delicate and unique, you must check out her work if you haven't already! She designed 3 beautiful prints for our collaboration, each inspired by a different Mexican folk art and each using a different paper cutting technique.


The 'Huerta' print was inspired by Mexican embroidery, like what is found on the traditional smock dresses. Poppy created a beautiful floral design which also features birds, citrus fruits and chilli peppers. Each of the coloured components was hand cut from brightly coloured paper and then placed on a white paper background and arranged to make the beautiful bright design. You can see Poppy making it in the image above, and below you can see it in it's textile form!


The 'Pinup Picado' print was inspired by the papel picado paper bunting flags of Mexican fiestas. Poppy used her most popular paper-cutting technique and cut 4 'flags' which each show a different scene of pinups being wooed and courted by love sick skeletons! She cut them each out of black paper by hand and they have made such beautiful works of art that also look amazing printed on textiles with a yellow background.

The 'Mother Madonna' print was inspired by the traditional tin artworks of Mexico, hanging on brightly coloured walls. The design features tin art motifs such as sacred hearts, milagros, and shrines, along with religious iconography. It even features a cheeky cameo of Frida Kahlo herself! Poppy used collage to build this colourful design which has become the most coveted of the collection.


The three Poppy's Papercuts prints appear in 12 pieces from the collection, and sit along side complimentary pieces and staples featuring cowgirl ginghams, chilli peppers and bright bold classics.


It has been an amazing experience making this collection in collaboration with my sister Poppy. I am so proud of her and her amazing talent and so it is fantastic to be able to share that with you all. I hope you love her work as much as I do, and if you want to see more then be sure to check out her website over at where you can also buy some of her original artwork!

Check out the hashtags #TaraStarletxPoppysPapercuts and #AmoreMexicana on Instagram for more of the story.

Some pieces from the collection are already available, and the rest should be with us over the next few weeks so stay tuned!

Much love,

Tara xx



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