6 Steps to Nailing the Colour-Blocking Trend Like a Pro!

Posted: May 12 2016

Want to know how to dress head-to-toe in one colour and not look like a
crazy person?
It's Easy! If you follow these steps…
Head-to-toe colour blocking is sure-fire way to make an impact with your look, read my tips to make sure that it is only positive attention you’ll be getting!
1. Play it safe by adding neutrals!
If you’re new to colour-blocking and a want to ease yourself in gently, include some neutrals in your look. Wood or straw accessories like a pair of clogs or a basket bag will break up the colour without disturbing the colour-block purity by adding in another colour, white is also excellent for this.
Check out my Polyvore for the outfit details.
2. Don’t clash your shades!
Make sure you stick to complimenting or matching shades. Especially do not mix green-spectrum blues with purple-spectrum blues, which is eye-torture! If you mix a number of different shades then you may start to look like the crazy lady from your local high street who has a penchant for anything green, which might not be a bad thing!
3. Be bold with beauty!
If you have coloured hair, take a leaf out of Forever Yours Betty’s book and match head-to-toe. It will have such a high-fashion effect and make you look like a colour-blocking pro. For a less permanent effect, make sure you choose nail varnish or lipstick in your hue of choice.
4. Kick it up a gear with hosiery!
Coloured tights are always a good idea, especially if you’re going for a sixties look. Good coloured tights can be quite hard to find so it’s always worth investing in a pair if you stumble across them. And stock up in the Autumn when there are more available in the shops.
5. Play with texture! 
Bring some variety into your mono-pallet by experimenting with texture. Faux fur, metallics, velvet, patent, faux reptile-skin, gemstones, felt, sequins and satin are your friends. These are all brilliant textures to include in your colour-block look, just like Gucci did on the catwalk.
6. Don’t be afraid to go the whole nine yards!
For the colour-confident pros: own your favourite colour and go fanatic for it. Let the world know your obsession by collecting everything you can in that colour. Heck, paint your house and buy a car if you like, think of the amazing town in Edward Scissorhands!
The most important thing to remember is to OWN IT, your confidence and self-belief is the key to nailing the colour-block trend like a pro. Once you've chosen your colour and put together your look you must commit 100% and strut like you've got a pink cadillac parked up on your drive!
xx Tara


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